Thursday, October 19, 2006

For Eric in Paris

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I peeked at Eric's Paris Daily Photo site today and noted his photo from a Bastille area cafe window where he'd caught a bite to eat could have been shot right here in rainy Seattle today. Later on, while choosing my own photo to post for today, I noticed the tobasco sitting there on the table in this shot. Friends came up from Portland this week and we ate at a cafe on the ship canal. Our friends tried some local brews, and they looked so cheerful on this gloomy day, I snapped this photo. Eric, I know you don't usually imbibe, but from the US west coast, here's a "salud!" on a rainy day, both here and there.


Tomate Farcie said...

Ah, a drink now and then never hurt anybody, especially after a tough day. Enjoy!

Tomate Farcie said...

And by the way, I just noticed that you put me in your links! How sweet! Thank you! I'm writing myself a note to do the same thing for you next time I update my links !

Eric said...

Thank you very much Kim, very thoughtful of you! It's now morning in Paris, I just got dressed and feel much better. There is nothing like a good night sleep. I wish you a very good day ;))

Anonymous said...

now i feel like a drink..

Anonymous said...

Dear Kim
I hadn't visited your site since October 1st (taxis) but really like what you did since, and in particular
- drop (and its sister photo 'Rowers early morning', I thought seing part of the girls bodies worked really well)
- grey and yellows (very good cropping and composition)
- salmon waves
- 9pm at the Co-op especially for the commentary (very encouraging to see such a business developing without losing its soul)
And congratulations on your 100th!
I will be back,

Anonymous said...

Pour moi cela sera un Black Russian. c'est sympa.

Carlos said...

Salud! Bottoms up!

photowannabe said...

Great shot that shows friendship.

Ham said...

mmmmmmmm Beer!