Monday, October 16, 2006

Seattle Construction Zones

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Seattle is a veritable hive of construction at present. The coming rains have home owners scrambling to finish summer projects. There are about a zillion cranes hoisting materials aloft at new highrise and condo projects downtown. There is road repair going on seemingly everywhere, and large orange signs urge motorcyclists to use extreme caution where gigantic metal plates have been placed over open pits. This torn-up bit of California Avenue SW is in front of Easy Street Records' West Seattle store and cafe, a lively place late at night to find a huge variety of new and used CDs and vinyl. Seattle has an incredible music scene, and this independent music store is a fantastic place to catch wind of new work from new talent and established artists from near and far. The adjoining cafe is quite popular, and I'm told local musicians like Eddie Vedder can eat there undisturbed amongst the neighborhood regulars.


Anonymous said...

Seattle, donne l'impression d'etre une ville tres ouverte musicalement avec les naissances de nirvana, pearl et aussi 'the presidents of the united states of america' qui avait repris une chanson française "ca plane pour moi". Et un grand guitariste de Jazz/Blues que j'adore Bill Frisell. Tu as de la chance de vivre dans une ville aussi creative.

Anonymous said...

Walking home from a restaurant at night, I always stop and look in shop windows like this.

Ryan of OC Photos said...

My brother lives off of 2nd street and it always seems to have construction going on around there.