Tuesday, October 24, 2006

United Nations Day in Seattle

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Greetings from Seattle to the over 100 City Daily Photo Blogs around the globe on this United Nations Day! We have reason to be grateful whenever countries can come to together to discuss the common welfare, goals and needs of all peoples around the planet. A salute to outgoing UN Secretary General and 2001 Nobel Peace Prize recipient Kofi Annan of Ghana for his 10 years of distinguished leadership. And wishing the Secretary General elect, Ban Ki-moon of Korea well as he readies to take office in January. United Nations Day also happens to be my birthday. Wishing us all peace as I blow out my candles.


Anonymous said...

OHhhh...Happy Birthday!! Am I one of the first to wish you amongst the DP? :D

How are you going to celebrate this special day of yours?

Kate said...

Kim, Great tribute to the UN which has so many critics these days. Did you know than KA went to Macalester College in St. Paul? And, a tribute to you, too, on your birthday. May the day be pleasant and full of joy and good surprises. Go well and stay well!!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday!!!and thx for your so so nice wishes for our big DP family and even the whole planet!!1I join u!
I do agree with your point!!

happy birthday again!!

Kim said...

Zannie, thanks a bunch!

Kate, LOVE your new photo! Are you in Mexico now? Yes I was aware of his going to school in St. Paul. Is that where he met his Swedish spouse? :-)

Jing, Many thanks! Hey I've wanted to ask you if that sweet photo is of you as a child. It's so charming. . .

kaa said...

Happy Birthday Kim! I had to read to find out.. You've given UN day more coverage than your birthday. Sweet. Here's to a better united peaceful world. In Finland, the national flags are flown from poles to mark this day.

Felicia said...

A great photo to mark both days! Best wishes for a great birthday!

John - Melbourne said...

Nice idea Kim, I've been so busy I haven't seen the news in a few days, I would have surely known by now about UN day, but at least I have found out here, so thanks. Hope there's an aussie flag there somewhere!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kim!

Actually we did not from news etc about United Nations Day. This blog is so informative!

photowannabe said...

Happy Birthday Kim and thanks for the very informative blogs.

Anonymous said...

Belle photo pour un joyeaux anniversaire.
quoi de plus beau comme souhait que la paix pour son anniversaire.
J'espere que tu as recu de beaux cadeaux.

Belle photo pour un joyeaux anniversaire.
quoi de plus beau comme souhait que la paix pour son anniversaire.
J'espere que tu as recu de beaux cadeaux.

Neorelix said...

Lovely picture and happy birthday for yesterday :)

Kala said...

wow it seems that all great things happen on this festive day! and gosh, the new United nations Sec Gen. has alot of work ahead of him! Best wished to him and hugs on your b-day!

Ruth said...

Way to bring us together on your birthday and this UN day. I'm not a lover of flags, but this is a very nice photo of them.