Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Chinese Lantern

Photo & Text Copyright 2006 Seattle Daily Photo. All rights reserved, including reproduction or republishing.

I took this shot at the border of the International District and downtown. I was attracted to all the vertical and horizontal bands of texture and color and this sun-faded red street lamp that seemed to delineate the neighborhood boundary of what in days gone by was known as "Chinatown."


Jing said...

great shot!lines and colours!
and yes, thats nice lantern!
also we cant see this kind of lantern often in shanghai, lots of modern ones.

Olivier said...

cette lanterne est tres belle, j'aime bien les quartiers chinois, ils sont souvent tres beaux et surtout tres vivant. A NYC j'adore aller à Chinatown pour me faire masser, il y a des masseurs qui sont dans la rue, c'est vraiment tres agreable apres une journee de marche

this lantern is very beautiful, I like the Chinese districts, they are often very beautiful and especially very alive. With NYC I adore outward journey with Chinatown to make me mass, there are masseurs who are in the street, it is really very pleasant after one day of walk

Nathalie said...

Great graphic composition here (I would have had the lantern centered EXACTLY into the dark background, but that's just me. Should we understand that there no longer is a Chinatown in Seattle?

Kim said...

Jing, time moves on. When our great grand children look back on current street lamp designs, I wonder if they will wax nostalgic and think "what a great design!"

Olivier, a foot massage would be wonderful after a day's wandering around a NYC neighborhood. I've seen that as some large fairs, but haven't noticed it on any west coast city streets.

Nathalie, I always love when you comment. You notice the details I miss entirely--like the possibility of centering the lantern. This is so helpful to me! Yes, the name is now the International District. I'm not sure why. Perhaps to reflect the now multi-cultural nature of the neighborhood.