Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Study Spaces

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Where to hang out and get some work done on a rainy day? A clean, well lighted place for books, and scholars. The patterned carpets of the Central Library add another element of texture to the dominant grid of the glass walls. Unique seating configurations remind me of plus signs on typeface put together. The library features an in-house coffee spot, and computers galore, and is well patronized.


Dsole said...

oh! i couldn't be able to study in such a great place! well, first times I went there I would be hypnotized by these wonderful features, the carpet designs, lamps posts, etc... maybe when I get used to all of this I'd be able to get concentrated in my book :)

Kim said...

Dsole, You've got a point, there. The library has tours of the building to show all the features. Maybe after taking the tour, one could settle down to studying. . .except for the coffee bar smells wafting around. Then I'd be distracted by that. . . :-)