Monday, June 25, 2007

Day Labor Pick Up Zone

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I shot this while driving by Casa Latina's pick up point for immigrant day laborers. The sidewalk is lined for a block with people available for hire. Contractors or homeowners who need extra help with projects can phone or drop by the charitable organization's site to arrange for workers who can then be driven by the organization to the job site or picked up in this zone in the Belltown neighborhood. Workers can receive support services and training and make casual work agreements with potential employers in relative safety and with a collectively agreed upon minimum wage and work scale. Way different than the day laborer zones I used to see in Marin City and Berkeley, CA where guys represented themselves, stood at the curb outside lumber yards and such and negotiated with potential employers themselves. I'm curious to know how day laborers make themselves available for employment in other communities and countries. What have you seen where you live? How are they received or looked on in your community?

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Dsole said...

Hi Kim, I think I understand your post. In Spain there are a lot of inmigrants now, over all from North Africa and South America. They look for job here but I think they come here with a non-real vision of what it is Spain now. it's hard to find a great job, so they work most of the times for constructionor agriculture.

You have a really really great set of hotos here! It's been a looooong time since I don't visit your blog, just I don't have so much free time now (just like the father working hard in his office last Friday) and I wish I could just lie down and start a new book or take a walk near the Magnolia barrio.. i really enjoyed your photos, love the one of the weekday wedding and the one with the boots and the can of beer (very funny finding!)
Have a great week, see you soon!