Friday, September 14, 2007

Utilikilt Redux


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Yesterday in the parking lot of Metropolitan Market on Queen Anne, I spied a Utilikilt and asked its wearer if I could snap a few shots. He kindly obliged and his girlfriend smiled. . .I'm just now realizing how weird that must have seemed but they took it in stride as if it happened everyday. He explained he liked the snap front model better and that these were constructed more like pants. As I was looking back for the link to this I realized it had been a year to the day since I had first featured these on SDP. That's spooky! These utilitarian everyman kilts originated here in Seattle. I never seem to have camera in hand, the right lens, or good lighting when I spy them being worn around town, like the night I saw three guys in front of a bar on Ballard Avenue wearing them (we all have our "the one that got away" stories ;^).


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ArizonaDB said...

Interesting kilts. I have not seen anyone wearing these before, except when I was in Scotland. Maybe I'll have to send away for one and start a new trend here in Flag.....We'll see. ;-)

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Mike said...

Yea for the Kilt!