Sunday, October 14, 2007

Bob's Paradise

Bob's Paradise

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A plane heading south on its approach to the Seattle-Tacoma (Sea-Tac) Airport is seen against some pretty stunning clouds. Flying through skies like this must be amazing for pilots. Seattle skies seem always busy with aircraft and spectacular sights. Hope your Sunday is relaxing and fun!


joy said...

Nice! I enjoy taking photos of clouds when I'm flying - as a passenger on a plane.

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Digital Art Photography for Dummies said...

Beautiful picture. Come get warm at Palm Springs Daily Photo.

Kim said...

Hi Joy,
I'm with you! Bob (from the title) is Bob Butcher a pilot and plane enthusiast from Alaska. I shot this feet firmly planted on a hilltop. I never think to take photos out plane windows, though. . . I'll have to remember that next time up.

Matt, not sure if this is more a comment or an ad for you. . .but thanks for stopping by.

joy said...

Thanks so much for the good wishes. Seattle has a special place in my heart - not just the place, but the person I was with when I visited it in July 2001. It wasn't raining when we went there, thank God.

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo. May I invite you to visit my other blog Your Love Coach?

Have a great week ahead!

Your Love Coach

Geologychick said...

I will be enjoying that beautiful view from the clouds next Friday, when I venture into Sea-Tac! Can't wait - I'll take some picts from the air - maybe you can use them for your Blog - just kidden! :)

Kate said...

I think as you do that the clouds are quite stunning, and you captured it well.

Lynette said...

What a photo! I'm glad I'm not on that plane, though, with those clouds all around.