Sunday, March 02, 2008

Pepe's Return

Pepe's Return

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Heading home to avoid some sprinkles, that li'l chihuahua is keeping snug in papa's coat. Seattle is a dog town. Big time. I've seen non-service dogs in restaurants, grocery stores, and on the bus. Nobody even gives it a second thought.

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Piobaireachd said...

Music! Nice touch..

Lynette said...

Mama and Duncan used to meet me sometimes two blocks down at the Fred Meyer grocery store, and once in a while we walk to a nearby restaurant with him on his leash and then sit at an outside table for our meal--in warmer weather, of course. Mama would like to recuperate all the way to that state, let me tell you.

The D in D & T said...


Day4plus said...

Gotta take care of them pups. MB

Anonymous said...

Nice photo. I am glad the city appreciates their dogs. I bet you have a great animal shelter or humane society there too.

Kim said...

Piobaireachd, Glad you liked it!

Lynette, I'm sure she would, and we're all rooting for her to!

D, Thanks!

MJ, Yes indeed. This guy is not quite the Paris Hilton/Jessica Simpson/Liz Taylor type often seen carrying their dogs this way, though ;^).
(BTW-What was your mom strip piecing with the fabric on the ironing board?)

Abe, That we do. And lots of vets, dog spas, and pet supply stores as well.


Petrea said...

Great shot.

Even big dogs in stores? We have a great dog park, and we take Boz to sidewalk cafes, but he can't go inside anywhere except pet stores.