Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sea Wolf, 2 Stadiums, Cosco Container Ship, Cranes,

Sea Wolf, 2 Stadiums, Cosco Container Ship, Cranes, Headquarters

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A National Research Council vessel, the Sea Wolf, heads across Elliott Bay. In the distance a Cosco cargo ship is preparing to leave port with its haul of containers. It is flanked by two sports facilities, Qwest Stadium, home of the Seahawks football team, and Safeco Field, home of the Mariners baseball team. Both are quiet just now as football season has ended and baseball teams are in Arizona for spring training. If you look above the orange container loading cranes you can see's headquarters on Beacon Hill. I hope springlike weather is starting to greet you wherever you are on the globe! Daylight savings time has begun here today.


edwin s said...

That's quite a view you have. Hope you have a great Sunday :)

Marcel said...

A very nice blend of colors. I'm also glad to see the Smart Car has hit Seattle!

Small City Scenes said...

Good ole Seattle where you can see so much in just one photo. Noce shot. MB

Bergson said...

nice shot
that colors

Jim said...

So much in one picture. I like the stadiums myself.

Jana said...

Great photo! Lots of color you might not expect.

Nathalie said...

Oh you're into daylight saving already? It'll only come late march here!

Thanks for detailing the photo for us, there's a lot to see!

Ken said...

We see lots of the Cosco containers out here on trains.
Nice photo.

Kim said...

Thanks Edwin!

Marcel, thanks for your kind comment about the colors and yesterday's photo!

Thanks MB! It's kind of an amazingly jam-packed scene wherever one looks in a big city, I guess. Busy, busy. . . :-)

Bergson, Thank you so much!

Jim, It might interest you to know the stadium on the right is rated one of the AIA's top 150 architectural structures, rated so because of the retractable roof among other great features.

Nathalie, Yes, and I hate it that it comes so early now. Congress changed it 3 years ago. . .until then the change date was the same the world over, I think. After analyzing the anticipated benefits of less energy consumption, there is really no change, so I wish we'd go back to the old schedule again.

Ken, Hey, thanks! And I bet you do see lots on trains There are thousands of them stacked up at the port all the time, and the tracks are right there, too.

Thanks everyone for commenting!

Lynette said...

That big building is Wow. Is the Sea Wolf based by the aquarium? Seems like I saw some research vessel there when I got to visit Seattle, in 1999 I think it was. This is a great photo! Were you on a ferry?

Kim said...

Lynette, Well thank you! Yes, that Amazon. I know NRC works with the Odyssey Museum but I don't know if this specific boat is part of that partnership. And, no, I was on terra firma at a West Seattle Park. :-)

Sailor Girl said...

So many beautiful things!! I love the Sea Wolf!!! And the container ship!!!