Monday, October 13, 2008

Late Night

Photo & Text Copyright 2008 Seattle Daily Photo. All rights reserved, including reproduction or republishing.

A window on a lot of Seattle students' world right now, down at the all night coffee house, living by screen light, cranking out assignments and catching up on reading in a relatively safe late night public place frequented by police on break. This was in Capitol Hill last night.


Jim McKeeth said...

So I have seen similar effect before done with multiple photos stitched together in post production, but it required the subject to mostly motionless and a lot of shots. It also didn't have as many apparent frames as this one. So I am curious, was this a single or maybe a small number of shots, and then made to look like more in post production, or was it a huge number of overlapping shots made into one in post production?

Kim said...

Thanks for asking, Jim. I don't use Photoshop (one of these days I'll have time to learn it. . .I hope). I upload my photos to the web using Picasa or Flickr. Flickr recently added a photo editor named Picnic, and this is an effect one can choose there that mimics what you describe but uses one shot. I don't normally mess with shots other than to throw on copyright label.

Jean-Charles said...

It reminds me the time I was a student ( About a year ago )at Seattle Central CC. I was doing the exact same thing at the Bauhaus Coffee Place at the corner of Pine and Melrose.

Frankie / Nick said...

What a unique method of presenting a photo. I love it, great job!

USelaine said...

Very cool! I just use Adobe Photoshop Elements - a cheaper, simpler version of Adobe Photoshop. It even came free with my camera when I bought it last year. I don't understand "layers" yet, but I don't need that part. I just play with the artistic filters sometimes, like you have done here.

Back in my day, we had all-nighters, but we didn't have computers or any 24 hour public joints. That's Santa Barbara for you. I think they still roll up the sidewalks at about 6 or 7 pm. Even the bars closed at 10 or 11. Can't do homework there.

Fernando Rueda said...

Hi Becky, thanks for your visit to my blog. There is a new version of Picasa (Picasa 3) and it has a lot of new gadgets to work with your pictures. Good art work!

Kim said...

Jean-Charles, I had to smile, cuz this is pretty much my life right now ;^).

Frankie/Nick, Thanks!

Elaine, Thanks for sharing about Elements. My husband was a designer and has Photoshop on his laptop, but I've yet to open the program and explore. . .also, my photos are uploaded onto a secondary hard drive attached to our home computer, so making everything jibe might be a challenge when I do get around to learning some elementary things (probably next summer).
Hey, when you were in Santa Barbara, did you know either a Tim Shaw (science) or a Don Javor (liturature)? (I'm assuming you were at UCSB). I miss driving through town on my coastal runs on 101 and passing the big huge tree and the little road sign at the south end of town that simply read "Sal Si Puedes." ;^)

Fernado, I'm afraid you were looking for Becky and found me (Kim) instead (although Becky frequently comments here, so maybe we are just eavesdropping on a side conversation as happens on Petrea's and Eric's blogs, but seldom seen here so far). :-)
Thanks everyone!