Saturday, May 30, 2009

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

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These three young women were savoring chocolate covered strawberries as they walked along Mercer Street in the warm sunshine that is revisiting us this weekend and all through next week. Is it my imagination, or are the berries sweeter this year? The strawberries and raspberries we've bought recently have been phenomenally flavorful


Small City Scenes said...

Summer in Seattle and it's not even June yet. YAY!!! MB

michael bird said...

Our strawberries here in Indiana have also been awfully good this year as well. Must be Obama, don't you think?

Christina said...

I love this picture! We should all eat strawberries and walk around in the sunshine :)

Chuck Pefley said...

Lovely reflected light on these girls. Happily enjoying Folklife fare, I suspect.

Kevin said...

Lovely photograph. Everyone seems so contented now that summer is fast approaching. I think the berries are sweeter and more flavourful this year. Enough moisture plus some good heat the past few weeks.


Kim said...

MB, Isn't it WONDERFUL! Could you BELIEVE the mountain today?!

Michael, LOL!!!! I'm going to quote you on that one. :-) I think you can even coin a new term: MBO. Perhaps WE are getting sweeter. . .all that cynicism having departed our mindsets.

Christina, don't you wish everyone could have such a simple happiness as this, all at one time around the globe. Youth, health, friendship, sunshine, a delicious treat, and a carefree moment.

Right you are Mr. Pefley :-)

Kevin, It's a phenomenon. Already really nice Seattlites are being even nicer and more relaxed, if that's possible. I know I was cranky with the cold and gray invading spring the way it did. Now all is right with the world and we can get on with it without whining :-).
Thanks for stopping by everyone!

Felicia said...

Hi Kim, Great photo, so sweet! To be young and eating strawberries and chocolate!