Sunday, September 06, 2009

The Paramount

The Paramount

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The musical Wicked just opened at Seattle's historic Paramount Theatre last Wednesday. I can't believe how many American cities have a theater named Paramount and wonder if they were connected with Paramount Studios. Originally named the Seattle Theater, this one was built in 1928 as a movie theater and vaudeville stage, and boasts a mighty Wurlitzer organ and America's first convertible floor that allowed the main seating area in the nearly 3000 seat venue to be converted to a ball room. The interior is lovely in the grand old style, and a fun place to see a show. I took this shot on Thursday night after patrons were already inside enjoying the performance. I liked seeing the lighted sign reflected in the windows.

Some of my friends who have seen Wicked report they go around humming tunes from this show and that they loved it. Did you read the book or see the musical? I've never gotten over the nightmares the Wicked Witch of the West gave me as a child :-).


brattcat said...

This is a fine shot. I'd love to see the show. I'm not too worried about nightmares although the Wicked Witch of the West is a pretty terrifying childhood memory.

carolyn said...

I've heard the show is lots of fun! in a grown-up way--& would love to see it. But Kim, this is funny. I have your photos scrolling through my google sidebar, along with Ham's LondonDailyPhoto and also FreshEyesOnLondon, and when this shot came up a few minutes ago, I thought, no, Ham wouldn't put that shot up must be FreshEyes--cause it looked in a glance just like the corner where I used to emerge from Victoria Underground (& Wicked was playing)! Of course it's the wonderful Paramount Theatre, which you've done a beautiful job of honoring both visually and in text--and it's truly FINE Seattle traffic, not vehicles careening at breakneck speeds round & round with jams of pedestrians taking life in risk to dash across at zebra stripes!

Jon Sims said...

I am somewhat of an overly manly man that some would die laughing if they heard i went to a musical, but my girlfriend wanted to go, so i took her and the show was incredible... I saw it at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center and I walked away with a new appreciation for musicals... it was intense and funny and all-around awesome!
as for the Paramount, i saw Death Cab For Cutie there in 2004 and it was certainly in my top 5 favorite concerts...
fantastic colors in this photo... a photo i wouldn't mind having on my wall, haha...

~mona~ said...

Hi Kim,

My daughter Sarah came out to Los Angeles last October. I took her to Panteges Theater to see "Wicked." We both loved it. I'm always enthralled by what may have lead folks to be who they are ~ this was sort of that story about the witch.

It lead Sarah to read the whole OZ series. Cool, eh?

xo mona