Monday, April 26, 2010

Olympic Atheltic Club

Olympic Atheltic Club
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A 24 hour establishment with a long history in the heart of old Ballard, this popular three story gym is a hub of the neighborhood. I saw the sign casting shadows when I was out practicing with my tricky 50mm f/1.2 lens which has a way shallow depth of field. The "Olympic" in the title refers to the nearby Olympic Mountains rather than the athletic games. So, did you get to your workout today? :-)

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Janet said...

Kim - I love your pictures. I keep checking your blog so that I keep in touch with my Seattle roots, old and new. (I lived in Magnolia 1959-60 and now have a house in Ballard.) But presently I am back in Dublin although your side bar showed that I was visiting from Limerick - that's 200 miles away. Crazy computer geography.