Wednesday, July 07, 2010

iPhone Wednesday #51: WAllingford Sign

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It's my iPhone Wednesday shot for this week, where the image is taken and edited with the iPhone and available apps. I took this shot of my computer screen as I was reviewing several shots I'd taken of the exterior of the remodeled QFC store on 45th with its remounted WALLINGFORD neon sign, itself a throw back to the FOOD GIANT store sign it replaced when the Wallingford neighborhood lobbied to keep some vestige of its beloved landmark. I had taken several photos at QFC isolating groups of letters in the Wallingford sign to form new words of abbreviations. . .a fun version of Photography Boggle to try :-). WA is the abbreviation for Washington state. I also got ALL, FOR, OR, IN, and if you look at this particular iPhone view which cut off the W, it sort of looks like NA, as in "na na na na, na na na na, hey hey-ey, good bye." Hey, it's summer here. REALLY, FINALLY summer, so some silliness is quite in order to say goodbye to the gray skies. Carry on :-).


Luis Gomez said...

Great shot! Nicely processed.

cieldequimper said...

Hi Kim! I'm doing a bit of catching up and would also like to wish SDP a happy 4th because I might just forget tomorrow.

Your reflections post is absolutely amazing, I love the schooner, "les Seattléennes" looks a bit like "une parisienne" :-) I've missed a lot lately, as usual I just love your blog!

Hoping to be in Seattle end of Sept.

brattcat said...

This really works, Kim. And my brain is so fried from the heat that your 'summer silliness' seems perfectly reasonable.