Friday, October 22, 2010

Night Bike #1

Night Bike #1
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I liked this red bike in a teal rack with the purple of the station in the background. This was a night scene near King Street Station in the International district.


Bibi said...

I have a deep purple car coat that I love. When I bought it, the lady said you can wear any color with it, and I thought, 'Oh, sure.' But it is true, and I even wear a red scarf with it....

Like your night bike.

Bob Crowe said...

Besides the color, the industrial rhythm and low POV is pretty cool. Nice composition.

Steffe said...

It's a fine evening photo. I have noticed a few new bike racks in my area. Perhaps I ought to go out and shoot them.

Kim said...

Bob, you are very kind to say so.

Steffe, yes, I hope you will. Even the utilitarian things we take from granted around our own cities look exotic to people elsewhere. Given Sweden's renown for design, I know I'd love to see them.