Thursday, October 14, 2010


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I caught a glimpse of a man hanging out on a dock, deep in thought, near these brightly colored ship-shape boats.  Countless people have learned to sail these at the Center for Wooden Boats. And aren't the lines of the boat being rowed in the background pretty? Someone built a real beauty. Just another day in the life of a city surrounded by water. In this case, it is Lake Union.

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Bibi said...

Two kinds of reflections: the man's and the boats'. Clever!

Yes, and I do love the lines of that boat in the background. If I had a boat, that's what it would be.

brattcat said...

Excellent post. Wish I could sign up again to be your 500th. Congratulations.

Curlsie said...

Great insight into Seattle. I kno wnothing of the city but no it looks lovely! This boat shot is my favourite

Kate said...

Whenever I see overturned boats on one of the lakes in our Twin Cities, I feel that summer is indeed over. Always a feeling of nostaglia. Colourful boats, Kim.