Wednesday, July 06, 2011

It Was a Sunny Day

It Was a Sunny Day
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. . .not a cloud was in the sky.
Sun dogs flare on lens glass as I shoot straight into the sun. Can you see the float plane heading into the northwest? The pilot had a spectacular view as far as the eye can see. Hope your day was as beautiful as it was here!


Mo said...

Great image

brattcat said...

when the weather is gentle like this it is easy to cherish the places we call home.

Montreal Photo Daily said...

I love the "star" effect on the sun... Wonderful.
Hello from Montreal.

PS: Thanks for visiting my blog Kim. And I loved your comments also. :))

Anonymous said...

Kim... too funny that we posted a similar view a couple days apart, lol! Having the sun 'burst' in the afternoon sky behind the market sign is superb!

Virginia said...

And I hope you and our friend Chuck P had a nice chat or coffee! Great shot Kim