Saturday, November 24, 2012

Postal Carrier in Autumn

Postal Carrier in Autumn by Seattle Daily Photo
Photo & Text © 2012 Seattle Daily Photo. All rights reserved.
It's that time of year when people tend to send more personal mail and to order things for delivery. This postman was walking at a fast clip to get about his route through the Ravenna neighborhood. It is not sunny here anymore as the rain has set in, but we do get sun breaks for a few days this week, but cold temperatures, so it's probably goodbye to shorts and sun glasses, hello to cold weather gear.


Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

he must one of those warm blooded folk who can wear shorts all year round

Kate said...

It is my hope that more people will return to personal messages using snail mail so these fine people will continue to have jobs plus where will the publishers find anymore fine collections of letters from notables? Sigh.

Birdman said...

Now, that's autumn.

Bob Crowe said...

The blue and orange work well. Nice route but then parts of your city are pretty hilly. I wonder what cold means in your context. In the Midwest lots of young men and teens run around in shorts when it's bloody freezing.

Kim said...

Yes Gerald, I think he might be.

Kate, I hadn't thought about the historical loss the lack of handwritten correspondence will create--but perhaps since all our electronic writing is captured, archivists will at least capture something. But there is something about documentation in the hand of someone who lived long ago.

Birdman, thanks and I think so, too.

Bob, Ravenna is hilly, but not like First Hill or Queen Anne Hill steep. The temps will be in the 40s during the day, 30s at night according to WU. Did I tell you about the little kid years ago who passed me hiking up a snow field on a glacier on Mount Rainier. . .I had crampons and an ice ax and heavy boots, and this boy of about 6 passed me by in FLIP FLOPS and shorts! Of course you know the joke here about so many Seattlites wearing socks and sandals has been immortalized in a PEMCO ad, right? :-)