Monday, July 31, 2006

Bergen Place Honors Seattle's Sister City

This huge three panel mural depicts Seattle relationship with sister city Bergen, Norway (see the complete mural and other photos here). The king and queen of Norway came for the dedication in 1995. There are several carved stone benches around the perimiter of Bergen Place Park, each with a Nordic country's name etched in stone, as well as a dipiction of the Bergen waterfront in marble. The gentleman in the photo is seated on Denmark's bench. Tomorrow many of the City Daily Photo bloggers will be featuring self portraits taken in a favorite place in their city. I'll be posting one of these, as well as a photo for Nordic Week at SDP.

And lastly, thanks very much to Marie McC for including Fluid Motion in her "Best of Daily City Photos" from last week (see link at lower right). If you haven't checked her selections these past three weeks, do visit and enjoy her collection of highlights from daily city photo bloggers from around the world. Posted by Picasa

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edwin s said...

Great shot Kim! I love murals!

can't wait for what you come up with for the self-portrait theme!