Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Self Portrait

I was photographing a building, but when I looked down, I saw my reflection in some polished granite trim. This one is for Sally of Sydney Daily Photo, who photographed far more glamorous red shoes in action here.
c. 2006 Seattle Daily Photo


Sally said...

That's gorgeous KIm - and I feel really chuffed!

In fact, before I saw this I had decided to post a reflection shot today . . . so maybe that house and its satellites / antennas IS chanelling!

(Also homage to Chris in Newcastle who had a great reflection shot.)

Ryan of OC Photos said...

Nice creativity.

santy said...

I think your red shoes are more comfortable, Kim ;) nice shot!

Kris said...

hmm..i cant put my finger to it, there's a certain mood to this which I like!

jenni said...

I like this one too.. I've only looked at two of your pictures so far, and both strike me as wonderfully creative and fun!


Sally said...

aaaaaah, yes, santy - i'm a girl who likes comfy shoes!