Monday, August 07, 2006

Bon Voyage

Almost 200 huge cruise ships to Alaska come into port here each year. I took this photo at the Terminal 30 cruise facility which is at the southern end of Seattle's waterfront, just past the sports stadiums, near the container loading facilities for commercial freighters. That taxi nearly ran me down, he was in such a rush. There were two enormous ships docked here (click here to see the other). There is also a cruise ship terminal at Pier 66 at the foot of Bell Street in the very heart of the downtown Seattle waterfront. When a cruise ship ties up there, it absolutely towers into the skyline like another high rise building. Sales clerks at the Pine Street Nordstrom have told me they know exactly when the ships come into port and are prepared for the influx of shoppers at those times. If you click on this photo to enlarge it, you can wave to the passengers looking out from their cabin balconies. Wishing everyone lovely summer holidays!


Kate said...

Yes, these ships are awesome ... and huge. I vacation in Mazatlan, Mexico often and they are an economic mainstay for the city as they are elsewhere, but I am no fan because of the environmental damage they cause, wherever they sail! Off my soapbox now. Have a good week!

Lisi said...

wow, that's a great angle to look at a cruise ship. like Kate said, it's awesome!