Friday, August 04, 2006

Signs of Nordic Pride in Seattle

Nordic Week at SDP brings you signs of Nordic pride from all over Seattle. From cheesy 1950s-60s apartment building names to commercial signs, they are everywhere. Today is a big bonus day: I'm posting 14 images. Enjoy!

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edwin s said...

Wow Kim! You really went for it, didn't you? Bloody excellent!

I like the one with the circular icon. It looks like a banana!

John Nez said...

You left out a photo of a Volvo... which is my personal favorite form of Scandinavian excellence offered to the automotive world. No other car is as easily serviced by the owner... as long lasting... or built with sanity in mind rather than style.

I was thinking how ironic it is that scandinavian values in democracy, tolerance, furniture design and automobiles are all so progressive and peace loving... yet the Viking tradition seems to root from bloodthirsty conquest and terror.

It's nice that things worked out so good in the end.

Kim said...

John, you are psychic. . .check back tomorrow ;-) We just "donated" our '87 240 DS last year. The odomiter stopped working after 265,000 miles.

That is a really interesting observation. Perhaps it indicates humans can learn from their mistakes. Gives one pause for hope, at least.

Kate said...

Norweigans and Swedes here would go crazy over your photos. You do know, don't you, that Vikings landed in MN and we even have a Runestone to prove it??!!

Susan said...

Wow, bonus day.

Odd, but it's never really "clicked" with me that these were all Nordic and relating to so many folks living here.

~tanty~ said...

Wow Kim, this is fantastic. I do enjoy your photos. Thanks a lot.