Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Suspended Color Disks- Mystery Artist

Posted by Picasa Since the artistic disk on the street I featured yesterday didn't offer much color, I thought I'd share with you these suspended glass disks from an art mobile housed just at the north corner of the new Seattle City Hall (2003). I've searched in vain for details about this piece and the artist who created it, so if you have info, please share it with us! What I noticed is the lovely play of color on color, making secondary hues as the circle overlapped. I also caught a building reflection (the orange and black stripes) in one of the blue disks at lower left. Notice how these are mounted together, each held by a "C" shaped metal edge and joined by a kind of turnbuckle system. They do move gently. It's a lovely sight to see, very magical, the colors iridescent. I've discovered many treasures on my own by just walking sections of the city, so I invite you to try this when you visit Seattle --you can hook up with an organized walking tour if you are short on time or prefer to be organized in your ramblings (get info by clicking the link). There is a great deal of public art in this city, almost everywhere you look. And there is always something beautiful or interesting to see at every turn.


Christy and Wendi said...

Cool installation! Nice shot!

Randy said...

Great shot,nice color.

kaa said...

very lovely hues. See what you mean by the overlapping colours, very pretty. captured nicely!

John said...

My daughter would love this, in fact I'm sure she'd like a smaller version hanging from her ceiling!