Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Bon Marche

Here is the facade of the landmark Seattle department store lovingly called "The Bon." (click on the photo for a larger image) When I was in college the animated holiday windows were a big draw for downtown shopping. Of course in the post-merger/takeover/everything-is-owned-by-the same-six-big-businesses-anyway era of ownership, The Bon hasn't been The Bon for quite some time: founded in 1890 and named by it's owners for a Paris store whose customer service they admired, it is now a Macy's. For a peek at The Bon Marche and Macy's signs on a different facade, click my More Seattle Stuff page.


Olivier said...

'le bon marché' etait le 1er grand magasin construit à Paris dans les années 1850. C'etait un magasin grand public, maintenant c'est devenu un magasin de grand luxe.
Belle photo,j'attends les vitrines de noel avec impatience

Kim said...

Merci! 'Malheureusement, le centre les magasins de Seattle ne présentent plus les étalages compliqués de Noël auxquels ils ont utilisé. Les décorations sont jolies, mais présentent surtout l'imagination de manque et les marchandises. Vous devriez visiter San Francisco Daily Photo or New York Daily Photo pour voir n'importe quels étalages d'Etats-Unis comme ceux du passé.

Matteo said...

quand je lisais "bon marché" je me suis dit "ah, bon? un bon marché à Seattle??" Quand j'habitais à Paris, j'aimais bien aller dans les grands magasins soit pour regarder l'architecture (voir: galleries lafayette...le dôme en particulier) ou pour acheter des choses qu'on ne peut trouver que dans les grands magasins (bien qu'ils soient chers!) C'est dommage que maintenant c'est un Macy's. L'ère de "post-merger/takeover/everything-is-owned-by-the same-six-big-businesses-anyway" c'est vraiment qqch que je regrette pour pour nos enfants et leurs enfants...ce sera quoi alors?

Anyway, I really enjoy reading about your Seattle stuff, it's the first time I've posted and I love getting to see parts of Seattle that I wouldn't get to see otherwise. I'm currently thinking about moving out that way either for graduate studies or just for a job in general (i don't know how you live with those crazy prices though...I mean, do people by homes anymore?) So it's nice to hear from someone who lives there that doesn't just talk about the space needle, the ferries, the traffic, microsoft, or the home prices, lol.

photowannabe said...

At least they have kept the old beautiful facade. Hope Big Business doesn't change that.

Kim said...

Merci Matteo! When we visited Paris I passed by the store Olivier mentions, but didn't go in. Would you believe the flea market out to the north was our favorite shopping adventure there. . .:-) Seattle is a wonderful city, and I'm so glad you are enjoying this blog which is just my little eyeful of it.

Photowannabe, they did change it a bit. You can see blank spaces where the old signs for The Bon Marche used to be. The big Macy's sign is in one of them.


Kimberley said...

Wonderful angle I so enjoyed your entire blog! Beautiful shots. ill continue coming back to admire your work!