Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Elegantly Costumed

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This display of gowns in black, orange, and white replaced the familiar witches, pumpkins, and ghosts of other store windows with costumes of an elegant sort. A song by one of my favorite musicians has a lyric about "calloused men in business costume speak computerese." We all wear costumes of some sort most days, whether we're soccer parents in sneakers, artists, medical workers, industrial technicians, skilled tradespeople, teachers, attorneys, beekeepers, or bikers. One might think twice about wearing one of these strapless numbers to a Halloween ball in Seattle where the temperature dropped to below freezing last night and the night before.


Anonymous said...

En effet de belles robes, mon amie m'a deja fait voir celle que je vais devoir lui offrir pour noel. merci kim

Indeed of beautiful dresses, my girl friend already showed me that which I will have to offer to him for Christmas. thank you kim

Kim said...

Quel est cela, Olivier ?

Kate said...

A very different Halloween apparel!

Anonymous said...

Very elegant but too fussy for halloween...i'll come back on valentine's day .

Anonymous said...

elle a eut le coup de foudre (bon d'abord pour moi ;o) ) pour la robe blanche.

she had the thunderbolt (good initially for me; O)) for the white dress.

photowannabe said...

Not what I would think of for a Halloween display...too cold for a strapless costume, I guess Long johns underneath would help.LOL

Curly said...


Shiverin' me timbers weather!

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