Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I Liked Her Pleated Flares

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This is the entrance that greets workers and visitors to the Seattle Municipal Tower. A freeway onramp to the I-5 express lanes runs through this building and is located just to the right of here around the corner. Just inside the vaulted lobby there is a Starbucks. While in line there I had a pleasant conversation with someone who had traveled internationally and is a photographer. It was fun to relay that there are over 100 of us around the globe who are transported to each other's cities everyday without ever having to go to the airport. The friendly people behind the City Daily Photo sites can take you almost anywhere.


Anonymous said...

j'aime bien l'architecture de cet immeuble

Anonymous said...

I like her pleated flares too!
so beautiful moment and vivid moment !!I am seating here in shanghai and visiting your city...so nice travel!! :P

Anonymous said...

So what city is this person from Starbucks going to photo?

Kim said...

Je suis heureux que vous l'aimiez, Olivier. Le roofline du bâtiment est courbé (que j'ai présenté dans une autre photo un moment en arrière) et le fait d'avoir l'autoroute sur-rampe incorporé dans le bâtiment rend celui-ci très unique.

Jing, I'm glad you feel like you are right here. I feel that way, too, when I visit yours and other Daily City Photo sites. Inexpensive way to travel, eh?

Mike, I don't know if the guy is inclined to do a dialy photo blog, but invited him to find out about it. Hey, when are we gonna start hearing from Tacoma?

Alex said...

What a very welcoming place with so many flowers and plants in the hall.

Anonymous said...

Well, right now, I am using a camera phone. The day I get a real digital camera is the day a daily start in Tacoma. Believe me, there are places I want to photograph.