Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Unbeknownst To Me

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Whilst waiting for a downtown concert venue to open its doors, I thought I would shoot a few pictures of things that caught my interest and see if they would be of any use for SDP. I was concentrating here on the two tall buildings and the play of light, color, and clouds upon them. I shot about three of this view, and the tiebreaker ended up being the interesting grouping and proximity of people in this shot. I enlarged the area around the women in the foreground to see if I had the photo in focus. It was then I realized, unbeknownst to me, that I had inadvertently photographed one of the artists I would be hearing later that evening, Sarah Harmer, of Canada. It's SDP's first celebrity photo, and I didn't even know it!


Anonymous said...

L'architecture est superbe et tres originale sur le batiment de droite

Kim said...

Merci ! J'aime celui du côté droit, aussi, Olivier. J'ai comporté celui du côté gauche (le bâtiment mutuel de Washington) en juillet dans une photo que j'ai prise de sa réflexion en marbre noir.

Ame said...

Celeb sighting? Cooooooooool Kim! And where have I been?!? How'd I miss all your shots for so looooooooong! And I LOVE the sky reflection in that hi-rise on the right! VERY NEAT effect! Ya done GOOD girl! (=

Kim said...

Hey Ame, thanks a bunch! Nice new photo, BTW. You've been missed around here, so thanks for stopping by.
PS, did I tell you our nephew is a luthier living in Santa Cruz? Hope your son is enjoying Banana Slug territory.