Thursday, November 16, 2006


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Stopped in traffic in front of the Post Office downtown, these three people caught my eye. Compare this scene with the three figures in front of the Post Office at Sharon Daily Photo . Friends, to leave a comment, please use "anonymous" or a chosen name other than your Blogger log in--I've switched to Beta. . .and miss your comments. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

on dit que le premier plaisir d'un voyage c'est l'attente. on peut donc imaginer que ces trois personnes vont faire un beau voyage.

it is said that the first pleasure of a voyage it is waiting. one can thus imagine that these three people will go on a beautiful journey.

Kim said...

Olivier, merci de cette pensée des voyages possibles. Mes pensées de ces trois étaient comment a isolé chacun a semblé, en portant leur propre "bagage" d'une sorte ou un autre, leurs mondes pas croisant le moins du monde, à part un trottoir partagé...

Meg Nakagawa said...

But surely, this is not ALL of Seattle?

Kim said...

Meg, I'm not sure what your question is? This is specifically 3 people who were in front of the downtown post office. Quite specific, not general of all of Seattle, just of that moment in time at that place. It struck me as reflecting distance between people--economic, thought, task, facing inward rather than being in community.

Jing said...

nice shot!!
i like this kind of moment.really a moment!!!