Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Found Art Sea Critters Handrail

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I'm always delighted to come upon original artwork incorporated in decorative touches in neighborhood homes and gardens. This residential front steps handrail appears to have been lovingly created just for the spot, and handmade with care. The Orca whale portrayed reminded me of the 3 pods or families of whales one can observe in the Puget Sound (about 80 killer whales total) when they are here for the summer. Several disappeared mysteriously this year in the prime of life, it is thought linked to poor availability of salmon. The Orcas also play a significant role in tribal art of several indiginous peoples of Seattle and other areas of the coastal Pacific Northwest, perhaps best known among them the Haida's highly stylized images.

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Kala said...

Great post - it is estimated by the year 2050, we will have depleted our fishes in the ocean for food =(

jazzy said...

very original.
that's one of the outdoor 'art displays' i always look for.

Anonymous said...

ton post est superbe, mais tres inquietant aussi. j'espere que l'on va intervenir et sauver notre planete.
j'aime bien les sculptures sur les escaliers.

your post is superb, but very worrying too. I hope that one will intervene and save our planet. I like the sculptures on the staircases.

Kate said...

Kala's comment is rather daunting! Street art always fascinates me, and this is no exception. Lovely way to grace one's steps. Stylized or not, I also love the Haida art. Have a t-shirt with one design on it; would love to have a piece of their art to display.

Felicia said...

When I see things like this, I think, why don't I do something fun with my front steps! It's like those home improvement shows - only when I move out will I clean up and make it beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Nice artwork and excellent comment about the killer whales. We don't have them here but we do have humpbacks and southern right whales migrating along the coast here. In season, they can be seen from the shore. Some even occasionally venture inside Sydney harbour - it happened last year !

Kim said...

Thank you very much to everyone for leaving your comments!