Saturday, November 18, 2006

Getting Around

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Traffic can be a bear at certain times of day on city streets, too. Beating Seattle's traffic with alternatives to car travel has its side benefits: better personal health, better health for the atmosphere, etc. Despite its reputation for precipitation, many Seattlites choose to bike or scooter, even in the wet months.


Olivier said...

rouler en velo, en plein traffic, c'est un exploit. La ville d'Evry (j'espere pour l'instant) ne fait rien pour les velos et je trouve cela lamentable.

to drive bicycle, into full traffic, it is an exploit. The town of Evry (I hope for the moment) does not do anything for the bicycles and I find that lamentable.

Nathalie said...

We see a number of those in Sydney too. Many are courriers. They seem to have no respect for standard road rules and just run their own course in the most clever but unpredictable way.

Emmanuel.K.Bensah II said...

too right about the health benefits!!;-)

Jing said...

luv this!!
moment of the traffic!!