Monday, November 13, 2006


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Will this flight be sucked down into the Capitol Hill vortex? Washed down by unabated rain, perhaps. Whenever I've flown into Seatac airport via the approach this plane is taking, I've always enjoyed being able to see the familiar streets below so distinctly. Seattle has a LOT of air traffic, and it's not just jets like this. There are many, many prop planes, private small craft, and seaplanes. I did a double take a couple years ago on seeing an enormous weird plane that looked like it had a dragon's wings and tail or was a kids transformer toy or something out of a science fiction graphic novel (someone told me it must have belonged to Paul Allen).


edwin s said...

very artistic Kim. I love it.

Meg Nakagawa said...

Am I allowed to say I don't like Paul Allen because his site didn't let me come back to your beautiful Seattle? I look at most City Blogs and think how wonderful it would be to visit for one day/one month/one year, but as regards Seattle, I could really live there. (I've visited for up to a week in the past, mostly in the warmer seasons, but I don't think your winters get as bad as, say, Minnesota?) It looks so wonderfully clean and artistic and civilized.
Wonderful. (Or are you just making it look sooo deliciously fantastic?)

Ben said...

Are you genius? I think so. This is exceptional shot, composition and colour even the rain drop on your lens(?).

Anonymous said...

just like an ink painting, love it!

Anonymous said...

j'avoue ne pas tout comprendre dans ton post (ah si j'avais ete bon a l'ecole en anglais ;o)) ). mais je trouve ta photo superbe. bravo.

I acknowledge not all to understand in your post (ah if I had been good A the English school; O)) ). but I find your photograph superb. cheer.

Ame said...

OK! Who came down and abducted our beloved Kim and left Ansel Adams in her place?!?!? LOL! HI KIM! Long time no seeee! Gorgeous shot(s)!!!!! You really are giving us an awesome variety of Seattle eye candy! ;-)

luggi said...

Kind of spooky.

Kim said...

Edwin, thank you! (blush)

Meg, you may surely register your complaint with Mr. Allen's website ;^). It sounds like an extended visit is in order soon. Hope you will get the chance to travel here again soon. It really is a spectacular place. I haven't featured many mundane, trashy, or disturbing scenes of late, but I'm sure you saw that for yourself when you were here. It's funny, but people here think where YOU are is paradise magnified (its all those LOTR films!).

Ben, gee, thank you so much!

Kris, ah, an ink painting. . .I liked the smudginess of it all. Thank you.

Olivier, I always enjoy reading your comments in French. At present I haven't time to translate, but will when I get a chance. Merci!

Ame, Hey there! You are too funny! Really nice to hear from you, and hope you are doing well. Thanks for your kind comments. You getting any of this rain? After last season's drowning, I don't think you Bay Area folks want any more punishment, eh?

Ooooh, Luggi, I like that! Yeah. You hit it. Thanks.

John - Melbourne said...

A really cool shot Kim, Congratulations, I love it.

seattlee said...

Hey Kim - This is my first day in the world of blogging, and I'd like to include your incredible Vortex photo on my blog site re flight noise over Capitol Hill. What do ya say?