Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Seattle Citroen Sighting

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Several Daily Photo Bloggers in a tip of the hat to Eric in Paris have caught classic Citroens driving along their streets. There is a two-toned 2CV that I see in my neighborhood frequently which I have never been able to capture. . .however, my daughter snapped this DS (thank you Olivier!) as we were in morning traffic. It was in perfect shape. Seattle is a classic car aficionado's dream town. We see fully restored models of 1920s-1970s cars and trucks driven all the time. This shot is dedicated to Eric, Manu, Tomate, Olivier, and Rodney!


Olivier said...

Waouhhhh une DS (c'est une DS , pas une DL) une des premieres voitures de reve pour les français. A l'arriere on avait envie de vomir, elle montait et descendait à chaque arret et demarrage. C'etait une superbe voiture pour faire de la route. Apres il y a eut la SM (J'en ai longtemps eut une, superbe pour faire de la route)

Waouhhhh a DS (it is a DS, not a DL) one of the first cars of dream for French. With the arrear one wanted to vomit, it went up and went down to each stop and starting. It was a superb car to do lot of mileage. After, citroen made SM (I have some a long time had one, superb to do lot of mileage)

Kim said...

Merci Olivier!

Nathalie said...

A DS !!!! My dad had one of those when I was little. My three sisters and I would cram at the back. Great memories!!