Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Magnolia & Olympics

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Best Viewed in Large Format (click photo, choose size). The Magnolia neighborhood is essentially a hilly, short peninsula just to the north of the Elliott Bay waterfront. It is surrounded on three sides by water: Elliot Bay to the south, Puget Sound to the west, and the Lake Washington Ship Canal and Salmon Bay to the North. Discovery Park is a huge and beautiful natural area on Magnolia's crest and down its western slope to the beach and is very popular for hiking and outdoor activities. This shot of Magnolia's eastern slope was taken standing on the west slope of Queen Anne Hill. Beyond Magnolia's ridge you can see the snow capped Olympics which lie beyond the Sound.


Ioanna said...

Lovely photo.
Looks like a very old cartpostal!

Chris & Deb said...

Wow Kim! This is truly a great shot, and your choice to present the photo in B&W is perfect!

Dsole said...

Wow... this is just amazing!! It's a pity my english vocabulary is so scanty... I think I'm writing the same comment again and again... But I really like this one!! The houses on the hill and the huge snowed mountains! Great!

Janet said...

Kim - I have just found your blog. I love good photos and particularly vintage ones. I lived in Magnolia in 1959-60 and we had this view of the Olympics. It was fabulous.
I am in the process of moving from Dublin Ireland back to Ballard.

Janet, unpacking in my new house