Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Pike Place After Market "Snow"

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I happened to be at the Market after hours and came upon the fish sellers' display case ice which had been tossed out into the street. Don't eat fishy snow! Just hours earlier two "FREE HUGS" people had been standing in this very spot spreading warmth to the braver of the curious passers by.


Kate said...

Were you there, and did you accept the free hugs??

macky said...

A happy new year in 2007 from Tokyo:-))

denton said...

Very sound advice which I had never heard before, "Don't eat fishy snow" ... I really like the "free hugs" concept. A hug makes a person feel good no matter what.

Keropok Man said...

Hmmm even in Singapore they are people giving out free hugs now :-)

How interesting to have fishy snow! hahaha....

Kim said...

Kate- Yes, I DID. We took a housguest to the Market that morning and there the Free Hug people were. I decided a hug was a great idea. And he was cute!

Macky- Arigato! I enjoyed visiting your two sites on theme day.

Denton- The folks in Seattle who turn up to give Free Hugs have been sweet people. I don't know how they organize themselves (probably a central sign-up at a website) but I do know they spread emense goodwill. Any spottings in your area?

Keropok Man- That doesn't surprise me. Maybe you can catch a photo of them. It would be fun to see the Free Hug people in all our daily photo cities!

As far as fishy snow, I've never before thought about what is done with the shave ice used in shop display cases. . .now I know.

Thanks everyone for your kind comments.