Thursday, January 18, 2007

Seen on a Garden Walkway

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While out walking Tuesday morning I spied these colorful faceted art glass lamps topped with caps of snow. Four inches of snow turned to slush yesterday and is all melted today. Signs of spring are starting to show in swelling buds and rising bulb leaves.


bouncing wall said...

Hi Kim,

Just wanted to say thanks for stopping in at the store! I put a little blurb about you on my blogsite as my "I Spy" for the day. :)

Have a great day!
Kim aka Bouncing Wall

Geologychick said...

I just love your photographs!

luggi said...

Please don't talk about spring. We haven't had winter yet!

ps Love the gum wall.

Felicia said...

I'm enjoying seeing the snow, and these beautiful lamps. As to Luggi's comment - I think we are feeling winter here in Southern California - I'm ready for warmer weather after a week of temps in the 40s & 50s!

Kim said...

Kim- Great to see you, and love the stuff we found! Thanks for the shout out!

Geology Chick- It's always nice to get such kind comments from frequent visitors like you.

Oh Luggi, don't rub it in! We've had a BAD fall and winter. I'm ready for the plum blossoms and daffodills of February, but will have to wait until March as things are a month later up here than in the Bay Area... sigh. Thanks a bunch.

Felicia- Thanks very much! That's pretty cold for SD! Me, I'm wishing it would get UP to 50. Just heard about horrible winds in Paris. . .harsh weather in many places.

Helen said...

Very pretty ... the white snow sitting above the stained glass!

Nathalie said...

Adding a colourful note to the white snow, how clever!