Sunday, January 07, 2007

With The Wedding Planner

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This couple was scoping out the Chinese Room at the top of the Smith Tower for their reception. Love is so beautiful and hard to find. I wish them the best. Photographically this shot stinks, but the moment was a serendipitous one I wanted to show. This room is one of the most popular for small receptions due to it's historic setting and it's amazing 360 degree view of the city, sound, and mountains.


Dsole said...

it's a lovely photo.. I like the way the couple is hanging their hands :)

Greetings from madrid dailyphoto blog

Kim said...

DSole, Gracias y salud a Madrid Daily Photo! Me gusta las manos tambien.

Dsole said...

Cool! ;)

Meg in Nelson said...

It's lovely, Kim. I hope they have a great reception.

Chad Oneil said...

"In Love".