Thursday, February 08, 2007

U Pay Ur Money & U Take Ur Chance

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The RED campaign has hit Seattle full bore. Six banks of red "pay here" slots in a numbered downtown parking lot. Great minds think alike: Culinary Fool posted a photo of the same pay stations in the comments section on my Flickr page. I was photographing a huge Turner project crane when these beauties caught my eye.

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Jenny said...

They look very complicated but remind me of - what's that game - Jeopardy!

The Wellspring said...

They had these in Chicago too and I always wondered how they knew for sure people had paid...does someone check it every few minutes or something? hmm

Dsole said...

I'm agree with Jenny, it seems difficult to do things right there!

Meg in Nelson said...

Oh, finally understood how to vote! And it's looking good, Kim.

Kim said...

Jenny, Now that you mention it. . .yes, I can Alex Trebec now saying, "It's the daily double!"

Wellspring, Gosh, I never thought of that. . .when we lived in San Francisco we fed these regularly, and most of the time there was an attendant sitting somewhere nearby, so I guess I thought that person monitored everthing. Perhaps people do gamble with having a boot put on their car or having it towed if they don't pay up.

Dsole, No, es no problema. Just insert money in the number of the parking place you've parked the car. These are simple; it's the electronic versions of these at some lots that are sometimes mystical.

Meg, Thanks heaps!