Thursday, February 15, 2007

Victrola Sidewalk Scene

Photo & Text Copyright 2007 Seattle Daily Photo. All rights reserved, including reproduction or republishing.

Even on a cold afternoon there is a lively scene outside this popular independent coffee house in the Capitol Hill Neighborhood. A fellow Seattlite commented that he was not cool enough to be allowed in at Victrola. When asked if they really "cool card" their patrons, he replied, "PowerBook, Sideburns and Fresh Haiku needed before they'll take your order." Okay boys and girls, are YOU cool enough to fit in this scene?


Nathalie said...

Hi there,
Your Stripes and square and your Pay here to park are you two best posts in my mind lately! I absolutely love them!
Just voted for you in the second round. Cheers from Sydney!

Kim said...

Thank you Nathalie. Your keen, observant eye and specific comments are most appreciated! And thanks for the vote, too,

Dsole said...

I get mad with those kind of places where you're looked carefully by the doorman... but i like your pic very much! ;)

Mike said...

You are creating a coffee shop list longer and faster than I can begin to start or keep up!

Anonymous said...

Even the cool kids aren’t cool enough for Victrola. It’s an old schtick that needs to be retired.

pastorrick said...

I guess I am stuck with Starbucks.

Bruce said...

Sure we are. Just walk in, look the barista/coolness-barometer in the eye, and order.

To ask permission is to seek denial.

Kim said...

The fellow I was quoting was teasing. No one is really treated that way; he was just exagerating how a non-local might feel in a very popular neighborhood coffee shop frequented by brilliant, young, stylish people. ;^)

Mike, Dude. . .you're up for the challenge. Keep plugging away at your list and just start dragging your kids along and buying them hot cocaos as they get older. You can start a family revue blog of Pacific Northwest coffee houses. Great built-in one-on-one time. I can see it develop into a book. . .with a big author signing at Elliot Bay :-)

Anon, I'm not too familiar with the reputation, just what the guy in the know commented, and that's his impression. I think I remember learning last summer that this place limits its wifi access to certain times and that patrons appreciate that. Any independent establishment on Capitol Hill is bound to attract its own cadre of interesting and culturally informed people through its doors. It's just that kind of neighborhood.

PastorRick, its just a rep, based in fear of rejection and snitty cynicism. Oh yeah, and they do card for age, so if you're not under 28, forget it. ;^p Since I turned 28 last year I've become almost invisible everywhere around this town.

Bruce, well said!