Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Cool View For Two

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Happy Valentines Day!
This couple was taking in the view of the Space Needle and downtown Seattle from the observation deck of the 1914 Smith Tower, the city's first skyscraper. For a better view of what they see, click on my More Seattle Stuff page.

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Olivier said...

cela me rappelle une chanson triste de lili olimao sur le chiffre deux, tellement vrai
"un plus un egal deux
moins un, ne reste rien"
Bonne saint valentin

that recalls me a sad song of lili olimao on the figure two, so much truth “more a one equal two minus one, does not remain nothing” Good Valentine saint

Lisi said...

i've just voted for u, you're way ahead of your competitor! good luck

Jing said...

very nice view.
and i've voted for you too.
happy V day!!


Joy said...

I just voted and so far you are ahead 70+%. Good Luck!

Dsole said...

nice photo, Kim! I just came from your more-Seattle-whatever-blog and the view is really amazing!
I love his huge avenue... how high were you there?

Karine said...

Voted for you earlier today. Looking good in the %!!!! Good luck. Thanks for the email you sent out today, and for what you did in the 2007 Photobloggies awards to add some DP members to the list. Kind gesture of yours :) Best of luck to u Kim!!

Jazzy said...

Happy Valentines Day Kim!

Anonymous said...

Look! They're wearing clothes! We don't get to do that in L.A.

I vote for you now.

Lavender Lady said...

Kuggi was too funny...yes, it looks like it might have been nippy that day. Good shot.

Jean said...

Such a creative photo for Valentine's Day. Also voted for you, I think it was 73%. Good luck!

zannnie said...

oh, this moment looks romantic:)!

Kim said...

Olivier, that is touching sentiment, but I'm sorry it made you think of a sad song.

Lisi, Jing, & Joy thanks so much to each of you!

Dsole, thanks for peeking at More Seattle Stuff. We were on the 36 floor of a 42 story tall building.

Karine, thank you, and right back at cha!

Jazzy, thank you. I hope you enjoyed the day!

Luggi, ROFLMHO. You are too funny. With the wind up there it was very chilly. Down on street level there were still guys in cargo shorts and Tevos. Hey, thanks for voting!

Norma, thanks very much. They were a sweet couple. They turned when they heard the camera click and wanted to get out of the way so I could shoot the scene. When I told them I was more interested in them as part of the scene, they wanted to know what blog it would be in. I hope they see this.

Jean, thank you very much!

Zannie, It was. And this observation deck is just outside the Chinese Room (named for the decor and furniture given to the building's original owner by the last empress of China) which is the most popular room in the city for small wedding receptions. So, there is a lot of romance attached to this view.