Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Little Sweetheart

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I came across this early 1960's vintage red MG 1100 sport sedan while out on a walk through the Cascade neighborhood at sunset. It was in perfect condition. Tomorrow is Valentines Day and, to my mind, this is a romantic little sweetheart. Seattle is, among other things, a city full of well-loved classic cars maintained and used for everyday transportation.

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Chuckeroon said...

E-mailed to my son in Dubai at http://blogs.sun.com/christophersaul/

pastorrick said...

What a find. I can see this would be a great little car to go on a drive to the country with my wife in. My proble would be how do I get out!

Kim said...

Chuckeroon, Glad you passed it along. Does he have a special interest in this model?

PastorRick, LOL! I'm sure you'd manage. Seems like it would be a fun little thing to get around in.

Olivier said...

belle voiture (j'aime beaucoup les voitures anciennes) et j'ai vote

beautiful car (I like much the old cars) and I have vote

Dsole said...

oh, that's a lovely car! I love classic ones! they are really cute!
nad this one is kept so well, great finding Kim!

Kim said...

Olivier, these cars give me hope that when I am old I will still be rambling around the streets being useful, too. Thanks for your vote!

Thank you Dsole. I'm curious what cars you see in Madrid, old or new.