Friday, March 02, 2007

Business Unusual

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I came around the corner of Jackson Street to behold this tableaux of a business meeting taking place on this sunny but brisk day (an hour later little bits of snow, as white as these dogs, were falling when I pulled into my driveway). Seattle is the only place besides Paris that seems as dedicated to its dogs. I panned out for a larger street scene which you can check out at my More Seattle Stuff page here.

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Olivier said...

Pouvoir travailler dehors, un buvant un cafe, c'est sympathique. Il est vrai que cela ne doit pas etre facile de travailler dans un bureau avec trois chiens ;o))
Bon Weekend

To be able to work outside, one drinking a coffee, it is sympathetic nerve. It is true that that should not be easy to work in an office with three dogs; O)) Good Weekend

Kuanyin said...

I just voted for you! Hoping you win! Blessings from Maui!

Dsole said...

I love those kinds of photo, street scenes!
Cute dogs! :)

Kim, The important thing is taking part of the event!
I vote for you and hope you get far! ;)

A Nomad said...

Alaskans are surprisingly dedicated to their dogs as well; more so than Seattlites, I would say.

Thanks for the pictures!

Rodney said...

Coffee with the dogs! What could be better?

Kim I went to HB today andcould not find the White Bible Church. I drove on Main street from PCH to Beach Blvd.

Sorry, I couldn't find it.

Kuanyin said...

Mahalo for your visit Kim! I don't wanna junk your comment box up with my reply to you, so I will post it in the comment section of my blog. Love those doggies!

Kim said...

very cool site! its nice to see some familiar places

Kim said...

Olivier, Merci mon amie, and a lovely weekend to you as well.

Kuanyin, Thanks so much, and right back at cha from the emerald city!

Dsole, Hey, thanks a bunch.

Nomad, I guess Alaskans have a long history of dependence upon their dogs for important reasons, eh? Thanks!

Rodney, you angel, thanks for cruising for it anyway! That was so sweet of you.

T. Kim, Thanks for your visit and kind comment. Anytime you'd like to pass on some pro photo wisdom, please do. I'd love to learn from you. I visited your site and loved the photos. Thanks,


Kala said...

this is really cute - love dogs!