Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Unplugged & Wired

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Two readers diverged near a yellow wood. . .

She with her I-Pod, notebook computer, and cell phone at the ready, is spending a working lunch here. He, on the other hand, is taking a break for coffee and reading.


Anonymous said...

What an interesting picture. It sure does capture the moment in life. I like it a lot.

Thanks to you too for coming to my blog and leaving a comment.

Dsole said...

Great indoor shot, Kim! you caught the light and the atmosphere really well!
And I like the contrast between the unplugged man and the plugged woman. Cool ;)
Take care

Kala said...

purrrrfect! I love this photo - it defies all of the typical stereotypes and constrasts the ways we spend our lunch time breaks.

Carol E. said...

Great shot! I love it.

freelancer said...

Your post title is very good !
Good idea

Eric said...

Now imagine she's got no ipod and he's got no book. They start talking to each other. Discover they have plenty of things in common, laugh, are moved... end up getting married and raising a family.

Ok, this only happens in movies!!

Kim said...

Abraham, thank you! And always love to visit your site. . .you are such a fantastic photographer and we are all learning a lot by looking at your work.

Dsole, Thank you very much. You are always so kind to comment when you visit here!

Kala, I hadn't thought of that. . .you're right. We typically think of guys being the techno toy types and women less wired. I hadn't thought of that. Hope you are well. I have to come visit you in Hawaii soon (virtually of course). Thanks for stopping by.

Carol, Thanks a bunch!

Freelancer, That's very kind of you to say. Thanks.

Eric, Great plot idea! Now who would you cast in the roles? I'm thinking maybe Sandra Bullock or Audrey Tautou for her. Drawing a blank for him. What do you think? Who would others choose, and who to direct?

Wouldn't it be fun to have a photo blog where you post an interesting photo with lots of possibilities and invite people to write a short scenario about it (as you have just done?) Well, none of us has the time for that at present, eh? ;^)


Jazzy said...

i could join with my book too =)

Ben said...

Phone on side of notebook? She could be on the net and surfing on your blog.

Kim said...

Yay Jazzy! So what are you reading right now?

Ben, you are ever the optimist. . . BTW, thought of you and Meg today as NZ was in the news here (although unfortunately because of the pending anti-corporal punishment of children ruling and the debate it has engendered).