Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Dream Flight

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Seattle is one of those US west coast cities that had a lot of mid-century modern era construction. The influences of "the space age," what is now termed "Googie" design, thinkers/designers like Buckminster Fuller, and architectural trends that seemed to experiment with basic geometric shapes brought some amazingly "brave" designs to buildings and structures.

This hospital building on Capitol Hill clearly shows th influences, although I know nothing about the building itself. (For more of a view of thie stucture, click on my More Seattle Stuff page.) When I was framing and focussing this shot, a flock of birds on the roof suddenly took flight and added a dreamy element. This shot is in color (believe it or not). This is how gray our rainy days can be.

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Felicia said...

I love this shot Kim! So many things to appreciate: the lines, architectural style, color or lack of, and of course the birds.