Monday, April 02, 2007

Houseboat Cat

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Hanging out in the morning light on the back deck. Mr. Blacky knows where his energy source is and stores up the sunlight to power his day. There are hundreds of houseboats and live-aboards on Seattle's Lake Union. It is a lifestyle brought to the attention of many non-Seattlite's through the Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan/Nora Ephron romantic comedy of a number of years ago, Sleepless in Seattle. If you come to Seattle, a fun way to see these floating home communities along the edges of Lake Union without intruding on their residents is to take a little cruise on one of the small, fun inexpensive boats and ferries. The Sunday Ice Cream Cruise out of Fremont can give you a great introduction.


denton said...

Great photo and it looks like sunny weather to take your shots ... After watching the movie "Sleepless in Seattle" I was compelled to watch the movie "Dirty Dozen" to see it made me cry. For those who watched "Sleepless in Seattle" you understand the joke.

Kim said...

Denton, That is too funny! I do remember the line you are referring to. And, should you or any other City Daily Photo friends come to Seattle, I can show you the exact place on the sidewalk where Tom Hanks bends over and asks Rob Reiner a pertinent question. . .;^)

Z said...

Oh wow, if you hadn't mentioned it, I might have missed Mr. Blacky! What a pretty balcony on which to warm oneself.