Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Little Statue

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There was no one in sight when I came upon this. Someone had placed this very small statue on the corner of the ledge at Kerry Park, and then forgotten it or left it purposefully. It had not been there a couple days before. It was raining. She was covered in mud and grass bits. Perhaps someone had cleared the grass on the hillside below, found this and just set it on the ledge. . .?

Since this is Holy Week in the Christian tradition, I thought I would share this simple found statue of a small figure in prayer during a somber Lenten rainfall.


Anonymous said...

Maybe someone found it and set it up there hoping the owner would see it.
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kris said...

a very soothing image, like it a lot!

KittyKat said...

Lovely shot! I agree with kris, it's very soothing, indeed.

J. David Zacko-Smith said...

This is an absolutely fantastic photo - wow! How perfect for Easter, and how "Seattle"!

Carol E. said...

an appropriate find and good photo for Holy Week

I need orange said...

Nice composition. I like way you've ducked down to make the statue fill the vertical space, and to make her taller than the needle. I like the orange lights on the right.


Kim said...

Wow! Thank you very much, everyone, for taking an interest in this image and leaving your observant and kind comments!