Thursday, April 05, 2007

Trio Plus Backup Singers

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It was some sort of non-fashion statement. . .about 20 nude mannequins and their shadows strutted their stuff in the New York Fashion Academy windows along Ballard Avenue. We all get like this at times, that Emperor's New Clothes realization that we are wearing only illusions about ourselves and are as naked as these mannequins in a storefront window. Artists can hold up that mirror for us, even very young ones wearing pink and green hair, Amelie bangs, a thrift store shift, striped leggings and Doc Martins, carrying bolts of pastel moire and some mid-century-modern birch bark cloth print down Ballard Avenue in the dark.


Eric said...

I LOVE mannequins! Great great photo.

Anonymous said...

I think this says it all. What we really like is not shown and that is the part that makes fashion fashionable. I noted these mannequins are totally different from those we used when I was dressing windows in Tucson, Arizona in 1951/52 for Levy's of Tucson.
Brookville Daily Photo

Kim said...

Eric, I thought of YOU when I saw these windows. . .no mannequins in backs of trucks, though!

Abraham, I love hearing about your checkered past ;^). These mannequins are used to pin into. More like dressmaker's forms, I guess, rather than those intended strickly for display. When we lived in San Francisco I was always AMAZED ate the uber-stylized or extremely lifelike mannequins the window dressers featured in the high end shops. Display is an art form. I wonder if there are professional awards in that field?

Celine said...

Beautiful photo... love the shadows and lighting.

Kim said...

Celine, Thanks so much. Coming from someone whose work I very much love, that means a lot!