Monday, April 09, 2007

Over, Under, Around, Through

Over, Under, Around, Through
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Surface streets, freeway off ramps and the I-5 make a prepositional noodle work through downtown Seattle. The I-5 splits the city in half length-wise, making cross town traffic challenging at peak travel times. Diamond lanes for carpools of 2 or more people are incorporated, and there are express lanes that can run north or south to help ease long-range travellers through the downtown areas. There are no toll roads in the system, and even bridges are toll free.


Dsole said...

uoh! I'll get lost there I'm sure!
The light effect is real or you gave it?

kris said...

whao,good eye with the lights underneath the flyover - Loving it!

Kim said...

Dsole, you wouldn't get lost if you were on one of these roads. It only looks complicated when you see them all together like this. And no, I did nothing to the photo. That's what the lighting under the overpasses looked like to me from my vantage point and made me want to take the photo because of the orange glos. (I don't have any Photoshop type programs even if I did want to doctor things up. ) Thanks,

Kris, thank you!

teo mocchi said...

Wonderful shot with incredible color contrasts! Great!