Saturday, April 21, 2007

A Sense of Place

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I don't know who chose the signature red chairs (the same hue of red as predominant Calder sculpture, "Eagle") but it was a brilliant move. When I see photos of the green park chairs from Luxumberg or Tuileries Gardens in Paris, I know immediately where those photos were taken. These chairs will bring that sense of place to shots taken at the Olympic Sculpture Garden. I do hope they will be able to take down the recently added wooden stake and wire low fencing that keeps visitors on the paths and off the newly established groundcovers and lawns. One would hope adopting low wire borders in a geometric shape, like the small curved arches so common on Paris garden paths, could replace the necessary eyesore that mars the design vision once the plantings are well established. Of course controlling people in public places is a bit like herding cats. Some kids are going to start rolling down those hills, some taggers are going to mar the art or walls, some skate boarders are going to find someway to break new territory, some naked people are going to get into the father and son fountain. The red chairs are about the only element people have any liscense with at present. One can move them anywhere.


Dsole said...

Oh they're so colourful and bright!!
I think in Spain they would dissapear soon... they would fix perfectly in my living room ;)

Anonymous said...

The colors are impressive considering their location.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo

alice said...

I know very well the green chairs du jardin du Luxembourg and have immediately thought to them when i saw your shot, but these red ones are really nice! Have a nice weekend in your wonderful city, Kim.

April said...

Wonderful, those red chairs, waiting for people to sit down in the sun.

Keropok Man said...

its so red and striking.

can anyone sit on it?

Felicia said...

It is nice that they stand out so that one can always find a place to sit. Tho, I'm not a fan of "keeping off the grass" at parks.

Carol said...

My daughter had a hey-day with those chairs yesterday... she couldn't help but be goofy with them -- wearing one as a cap, sitting backwards on them, etc. I have a photo on my blog of both of my daughters and "our" exchange student from Germany enjoying them!