Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sunrise, Peek-a-Boo #5

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I took this shot one day at sunrise and loved the burnished hues the rising sun brought to the east face of architect Frank Gehry's steel shingled Experience Music Project. I'm playing with the Space Needle again in what has unintentionally become a series where it seems to be peeking out from different places and things. So, here is a sunrise Peek a Boo. Compare the colors of this shot with Sunset Peek a Boo #6, taken at sunset from about the same POV. Visitors with any bent at all toward mid-to-late-20th century popular music will want to dedicate the better part of a day to this truly wonderful interactive museum (which just dropped its admission price, which includes admission to the Science Fiction Museum. And each first Thursday evening of the month admission is free!).

I'm curious to know if any other City Daily Photo blogger's have a Gehry-designed building nearby that they have photographed. The EMP here in Seattle, with its undulating mix of colorful elements, is a very striking and fun complex.


BoggyWoggy said...

We'll be heading up toward Seattle soon, on our way to the Campbell River on Vancouver Island! We love Seattle...and always make our way to The Brooklyn, my husband's favorite Oyster Bar-type restaurant. Your photos are wonderful!

Bleeding Orange said...

Gehry's work is always so impressive and breath-taking. And your picture is really really nice, great light.

Jing said... attractive hues and the shape.

and it seems no Gehry-designed buildings here....

shanghai daily photo

John - Melbourne said...

Nice. Very nice!

edwin s said...

absolutely stunning this one!

KittyKat said...

Love this shot - very cool perspective.